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Spanish Language Immersion in Santiago De Compostela

GALICIA is always surprising, this part of the Northwest of Spain is a sharp contrast to the typical image of Spanish landscape abroad.

The capital City is Santiago de Compostela. The main towns are the capital cities of the four provinces - A Coruña, Lugo, Ourense and Pontevedra -, Vigo and Ferrol. The population, quite scattered, is almost three million inhabitants, with a density close to 100 inhabitants per square kilometer. Plains are scarce in this hilly landscape, but wild countryside and mountains form appealing spots and natural parks. Some mountains soar as high as two thousand metres in the massifs of Ancares, Courel, Manzaneda and Pena Trevinca. It owns a developed and articulated coastline that means one third of the Spanish littoral and presents such original forms that are not comparable to any other section, either Cantabric, Mediterranean or Atlantic; The phenomenon of the rías (estuaries) is therefore unique and peculiar to Galicia in the context of the Spanish coast.

Santiago de Compostela, situated in the northwest of Spain in the region of Galicia, has been a cultural and scientific meeting point since the middle age.

The city was born from a legend: the discover in 813 A.D. of the sepulchre of St. James The Apostle who was behaded in 44 A.D. in Palestine. King Alfonso II visited the site and ordered a modest temple and monastery to be built, erecting the center around which the city later grew.


SPANISH LANGUAGE IMMERSION IN SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA SPAIN Galicia ______________________________________________________________

Learn Spanish in the UNESCO university city of San de Compostela,enjoy your Spanish learning vacation in this charming city known for street cafes, religious pilgrimages and historic district.

A beautiful city with historic value, also a UNESCO’s World Cultural Heritage site, the city has much offer. Compostella is - of course - the city of pilgrims. Since the ninth century they have been coming from all over Europe to touch the relics of St James. He was the first christian martyr and the patron saint of Spain. Legend has it that his disciples brought his remains to Santiago to be buried. After Jerusalem and Rome, Santiago de Compostella is the third most holy city in Christendom >> (more)


Planning for your language immersion

  :: You will make your own travel arrangements.
:: Arrive independently into Santiago de Compostela.
:: Your arrival day is Sunday.
:: Language courses start on Monday, finish Friday.
:: Your departure day is Saturday.
:: You will be studying and living with like-minded adult International students.

School details
& map

  Our school is situated close to the UNESCO historic district of the city (2 minute walk) and close to the to the Cathedral. The oldest monuments are grouped around the tomb of St James and the cathedral, which contains the remarkable Pórtico de la Gloria.

The school area offers many facilities including shops, cafes and bars, so you are never far from enjoying some fine Galician cuisines and tasty tapas.

Language course details
& options

  You have the following course options:

4 lessons daily: (20 group lessons per week)
5 lessons daily: (25 group lessons per week)
Combined (group & private) also available, please inquire if interested.

:: We accept all language levels / ages 18+
:: Unlimited course length
:: A "lesson" usually lasts approx. 45 minutes
:: Course runs Monday through Friday (mornings)
:: Loan of course materials are included
:: Placement test & orientation on first day of course
:: Maximum 8 students per group class

Please note: Lessons can be reduced if under 3 students per class.

Academic credit available: (if required)
Undergraduate Credit Through Brookhaven College

Teenager Summer program: Summer camps

Lodging options

  You have the following accommodation options:

Host Family:
:: Private room
:: Meals included: breakfast & midday meal
:: Meals will be local custom
:: Shared bathroom with family
:: Bed linens provided; must bring towels
:: Some lightweight laundry included
:: You will be given a key to your lodgings
:: Located 30 mins. to school by public transport

Shared Apartments:
:: Private rooms
:: Cleaning service once a week, students clean their own room
:: You will share with international students
:: Each student will be given a key
:: A key / damage deposit of 100 EURO will be required
:: Bed linens and towels are not included
:: Fully equipped kitchen and washing machine
:: Apartments are within 30 minutes by public transport



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After class & weekend activities

  Enjoy social & cultural outings during the week with other students from the school. On the first day of classes, the school invites all students to a guided tour of the city, followed by wine and ‘tapas’ at a typical Spanish bar.

The school also organises at least 2 of the following activities each week: talks about social and political issues in Spain: ‘The Civil War’, ‘Franco’s Dictatorship’, ‘The Political Transition in Spain’, ‘Nationalism in Spain’, ‘Stereotypes of Spain and the Spanish’, ‘Women’s roles in modern society’.

Other activities could include: Music, Films, presented with commentaries and other social events. Visits to museums, concerts, cinemas (students will pay for their transport and entrance tickets). Language exchanges with Spanish students are also available to practise your new language!

Start dates & prices

  :: Course Start dates throughout the year
:: Set Start dates for beginners
:: Course ONLY option available
:: School closed on weekends & Public holidays
:: Prices are in US dollars

How to Book
& Pay

SEARCH, CHECK PRICES or BOOK this language vacation online. Pay using Mastercard, Visa, Cheque, Money Order or Money Transfer. Simple, 100% secure and fast...


If you prefer NOT to book & pay online, please click on the link in the above "Start dates & program prices" section, you can book manually this way by filling and submitting the form below the pricing section.

We require a deposit of $300 (or 10% if over $3000) to book any language vacation.

Please read & understand our terms & conditions
Please read our privacy statement

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For additional details, contact our Spanish specialist:

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E-mail: Contact our specialist

We guarantee the highest quality Language Courses...


- Preserved medieval cathedral city
- Off the beaten track & unique from the rest of typical Spain
- UNESCO World Heritage Site
- Famous for its pilgrim routes
- Professional school
- Academic credit available

Arrival airport:
Santiago de Compostela
Lavacolla International airport is 9 Km from the city centre.

The Lavacolla International airport is Galicia's busiest airport with connections to several continents with daily flights from Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Bilbao, Málaga, Alicante… (Iberia, Spanair, Vueling, Air Europa) Direct connections with London, Liverpool, Rome and Frankfurt (Ryan Air); Zürich, Vienna, Salzburg, Linz, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Milan and different cities in Germany (Air Berlin); Dublin (Aerlingus); Paris (Vueling).

Here you can travel to the city by taxi or bus. From Santiago, the bus stops at Xeneral Pardiñas Street (centre of the "Ensanche" or urban expansion area) and the Bus Station (north of the city). There are other nearby airports in A Coruña (60 km), Vigo (90 km) and Porto, Asturias and León (between 200 and 300 km).


Learn spanish in SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA Spain

Learn spanish in SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA Spain

Learn spanish in SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA Spain

Learn spanish in SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA Spain

Learn spanish in SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA Spain

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