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Spanish Language Immersion in Oaxaca

The city has many markets, the most famous being the "20 de Noviembre" [20 of November]. Specializing in foods and much visited by Oaxacans the market is capable of seducing you into purchasing, as are the indigenous markets, just through the different aromas.

In the many other markets there are also fruits, vegetables, sherbets and fresh juices, "huipiles", skirts, embroidery and Oaxacan cheese, formed of delicious strings that wrapped round and round to make a circular form. In the Abastos Market, there are fabrics from San Antonio, basket and figurines from Ocotlán, sculptures from the Isthmus, jewelry from Mitla and pottery from San Bartolo Coyotepec.

From Oaxaca it is very easy to travel to great cities with pre Hispanic wonders (Monte Albán, Mitla, Yagul, Lambityeco), Santa María de Tule and its millenary tree, and the towns where the magnificent former Dominican convents stand. The new highway can get you to Mexico City is less than five hours and the state of Oaxaca is overflowing with attractions, a perfect place to absorb the Mexican way of life.

Our Spanish language immersion allows you plenty of time to discover Oaxaca, its culture and customs.


SPANISH LANGUAGE IMMERSION IN OAXACA MEXICO ______________________________________________________________

Learn Spanish in OAXACA,enjoy your Spanish learning vacation in the central valley of the state, known for its ethnic, cultural and historic richness.

The city of Oaxaca is known for its ancestral traditions and its colonial architecture, UNESCO has also named the city a patrimony of humanity. Many talented artists and artisans live And work here (more)


Planning for your language immersion

  :: You will make your own travel arrangements
:: Arrive independently into Oaxaca
:: Your arrival day is Sunday.
:: Language courses start on Monday, finish Friday.
:: Your departure day is Saturday.
:: You will be studying and living with like-minded adult International students.

School details
& map

  Our Spanish School in Oaxaca is located in the heart of Oaxaca’s Historical Center, two blocks from the beautiful Santo Domingo ex-convent and 4 blocks from Oaxaca’s “Zocalo” (downtown square). Due to the Center’s location, students are surrounded by a number of cafes, art galleries, museums, shops and internet cafes.

Language course details
& options

  You have the following course options:

4 lessons daily: (20 group lessons per week)
5 lessons daily: (25 group lessons per week)

:: We accept all language levels / ages 16
:: Unlimited course length
:: A "lesson" usually lasts approx. 55 minutes
:: Course runs Monday through Friday
:: Course materials are included
:: Placement test & orientation on first day of course
:: Maximum 6-8 students per group class

Lodging options

  Host Family:
:: Private room
:: 2 meals included daily
:: Airport pick up
:: Meals will be local custom
:: Shared bathroom with family
:: Laundry/cleaning: Fresh linens and room cleaning at least once a week, fresh towels at least twice a week
:: You will be given a key to your lodgings
:: Located 15 - 30 mins. to school walking.

Shared Flat/Apartment:
:: Self catering - NO meals included
:: Private room
:: Table/desk, chair and a wardrobe
:: Blankets, bed linen
:: Access to fully equipped kitchen and laundry room
:: Shared bathroom, shared tv, cleaning service once a week in communal areas
:: Together, keep your room and the house clean
:: Expect to share with other international students
:: You will be given a key to your apartment
:: Located 10 - 30 mins. to school by public transport

Residence: (Please inquuire for pricing)
:: Private room
:: AC, private bathroom
:: Meals included: breakfast daily
:: Shared kitchen
:: Large patio and garden area
:: WiFi connection
:: 10 minute walking from school
:: Shared sitting & dining area
:: Bed linens provided



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After class & weekend activities

  In addition to the 4 or 5 language lessons your immersion will continue with cultural workshops which include regional Oaxacan cooking, back strap loom weaving, conversation, Mexican History, salsa dancing, ceramics, and many more. The talleres invite students to achieve a better understanding of Mexican culture through interaction with local artisans and teachers with years of teaching experience.

At the weekend many students can arrange to take optional excursions (at an additional cost) to local cities or local places and experience today's indigenous culture outside the city of Oaxaca. These excursions normally cost between $10.00 - $30.00 and are guided by a bilingual guide.

Some sample destinations could include: MONTE ALBAN: The largest archaeological site in the state of Oaxaca, MITLA: This archaeological site was originally a Zapotec burial ground, TLACOLUA: This village is home to one of the largest indigenous markets in Mexico and famous cathedral, TULE The massive Arbol de Tule is the widest cypress tree in the world and measures one hundred sixty-five feet in circumference and is 2000 years old.

Day of the dead annual celebrations: (late-October/early-November) In much of Mexico Dia de Los Muertos treats death in an uplifting, celebratory way. Families go to the graves of their ancestors, cleaning them, weeding them, and decorating them with flowers, candles, and photographs of the deceased. Quite often, the departed's favorite brand of tequila, mezcal, cerveza, or traditional Mexican food are set atop the grave. Family and friends gather on November 2nd, spending the day and much of the night affectionately remembering the dead.

Start dates & prices

  :: Course Start dates throughout the year
:: Course ONLY option available
:: School closed on weekends & Public holidays
:: Prices are in US dollars

How to Book
& Pay

SEARCH, CHECK PRICES or BOOK this language vacation online. Pay using Mastercard, Visa, Cheque, Money Order or Money Transfer. Simple, 100% secure and fast...


If you prefer NOT to book & pay online, please click on the link in the above "Start dates & program prices" section, you can book manually this way by filling and submitting the form below the pricing section.

We require a deposit of $300 (or 10% if over $3000) to book any language vacation.

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For additional details, contact our Spanish specialist:

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We guarantee the highest quality Spanish Language Courses in Mexico...


- Colonial mountain city
- Abundance of colonial architecture
- Important archeological sites
- Declared Humanity's Cultural Patrimony by UNESCO
- Meet indigenous peoples

Arrival airport: OAXACA

Our school is located in the city of Oaxaca, about 450 kilometers (a little under 300 miles) south of Mexico City.

Air travel direct to Oaxaca can sometimes be costly, so you may prefer to take the bus from Mexico City to Oaxaca. Unfortunately, there is no direct bus leaving from the airport but only from the central bus station.

Upon arrival to Oaxaca, taxis and airport transfers are easy to find. A transfer from the airport to the hostfamily's home or hotel will cost about $12 USD. A taxi from the bus station to the home or hotel will cost between $3 USD and $6 USD, depending on the location of the family's home in relation to the bus station. Often, the host families prefer to pick up students at the airport or bus station directly. We will confirm whether the family will meet the student at the airport upon confirmation of homestay.

:: Video of OAXACA

Spanish language course in OAXACA Mexico

Spanish language course in OAXACA Mexico

Spanish language course in OAXACA Mexico

Spanish language course in OAXACA Mexico

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