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Spanish Language Immersion in Madrid

Madrid exudes all the bravado of a capital city. Cars and buses jam the city's streets, yet the commute proceeds with order, speed, and efficiency Everything you might want to see is close by, via a leisurely walk, a quick subway trip, or an inexpensive taxi ride.

You will find the locals "Madrileños" are gregarious! Animated discussion and dancing enliven the city's cafés, taverns, bars, and open squares until the early hours of the morning.

Locals often munch on tapas and postpone dinner until 11:00 p.m. Then follow the crowds to a wonderful play at Plaza Santa Ana, shake to the dance scene of La Latinaor or take in a show at Madrid's top flamenco clubs near Plaza Tirso de Molina. Madrid is a fascinating place to learn Spanish!

Madrid has cafes, tapas bars and nightclubs on almost every block. The area most favoured by those who enjoy going out to these places is probably Plaza Santa Ana. This is where tourists usually flock to, however you will also come across a considerable number of locals as well. Tapas bars line the streets here so the selection is endless.

Along Castellana you will find mostly upscale bars and nightclubs with the kind of crowd such places attract. It is unlikely to find students here and the general age group ranges from 25 years upwards. The same goes for Retiro and Salamanca areas. This is where the "pijos" hang out, Spanish for yuppies. Running parallel to Castellana are many salsatecas or salsa nightclubs, owned and run by Latin American immigrants.

As everywhere else in Spain, food in Madrid is an important subject. Going to a restaurant for a meal is not only intended for eating purposes, but as a social occasion as well. In Madrid you will come across the simplest of snack bars and cafeterias as well as true gourmet shrines. And the beloved tapas bars must not be missed. Whether it’s a small snack you’re after or a plentiful and mouthwatering meal, in Madrid you are sure to find the food to your liking.

Madrid is a city of contrasts. This is evident by the large modern department stores that exist alongside small family run shops on narrow side streets that have managed to survive through the ages.

Just as in the rest of Spain, people here in Madrid go out very late. Most begin the evening at around 10 PM at a tapas bar. The nightclubs open up at around 1 AM but people head for these at around 3 AM, when the bars close up. Then they party and dance until around 7 AM, which is closing time for most nightclubs. It is pretty common to stop over for some breakfast on the way home at one of the city’s many cafes.

For many, the weekend already starts on a Thursday night as Fridays usually imply shorter workdays. Madrid’s nightlife is so varied that everyone is sure to find something to their liking. Spaniards in general are friendly and sociable people so you should have no trouble meeting new people at the places you go to.

Our Spanish language immersion vacation allows you plenty of time to discover the culture of Spain & Madrid


SPANISH LANGUAGE IMMERSION IN MADRID SPAIN ______________________________________________________________

Learn Spanish in the capital Madrid,enjoy your Spanish learning vacation in this city of museums and art galleries.

In the center of Spain, surrounded by the arid 'mesta', Madrid exudes all the bravado of a capital city. Everything you might want to see is close by, via a leisurely walk or quick subway or taxi ride. You will find the locals "Madrileños" are gregarious!

A truely cosmopolitan city, this is a vibrant city with great nightlife with so much to see & do. (more)


Planning for your language immersion

  :: You will make your own travel arrangements.
:: Arrive independently into Madrid.
:: Your arrival day is Sunday.
:: Language courses start on Monday, finish Friday.
:: Your departure day is Saturday.
:: You will be studying and living with like-minded adult International students.

School details
& map

  Housed in the lower 3 floors of a historic building with its facilities spread throughout 1,800 square meters. The building was renovated to provide you with the most modern amenities, yet it still retains the charm of its typical madrileño architecture.

Language course details
& options

  You have the following course options:

5 lessons daily: (20 group lessons & 5 cultural classes per week)
7 lessons daily: (30 group lessons & 5 cultural classes per week)

:: We accept all language levels / ages 17+
:: Unlimited course length
:: A "lesson" usually lasts approx. 50 minutes
:: Course runs Monday through Friday
:: Course materials are included
:: Placement test & orientation on first day of course
:: Maximum 8 students per group class

Teenager Summer program: Summer camps

Lodging options

  You have the following accommodation options:

Host Family:
:: Private room
:: Meals included: breakfast & dinner daily
:: Meals will be local custom
:: Shared bathroom with family
:: Laundry service once a week, towels & bed linens
:: You will be given a key to your lodgings
:: Located 5 - 40 mins. to school by public transport

:: Private room
:: Meals included: breakfast & dinner daily
:: Cafeteria, 24 hour security service
:: TV, video and games room
:: Bed linen, daily cleaning service in communal areas
:: You will be given a key to your apartment
:: 150 EURO deposit is required upon arrival
:: Located 10 - 30 mins. to school by public transport

Please note: Standard shared apartment/flats also available. Please inquire if interested.



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After class & weekend activities

  Enjoy social & cultural outings during the week with other students from the school, go to a soccer game and watch the famous Real Madrid soccer team, visit local Galleries, Museo del Prado or other Museums, attend the Theatre or Opera.

Walk around the Royal Palace, see Flamenco dancing or tour around Tapas bars. At the weekend take a trip to the local cities of Toledo, Sevilla or Salamanca by train.

Start dates & prices

  :: Course Start dates throughout the year
:: Course ONLY option available
:: School closed on weekends & Public holidays
:: Prices are in US dollars

How to Book
& Pay

SEARCH, CHECK PRICES or BOOK this language vacation online. Pay using Mastercard, Visa, Cheque, Money Order or Money Transfer. Simple, 100% secure and fast...


If you prefer NOT to book & pay online, please click on the link in the above "Start dates & program prices" section, you can book manually this way by filling and submitting the form below the pricing section.

We require a deposit of $300 (or 10% if over $3000) to book any language vacation.

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We guarantee the highest quality Spanish Language Courses in Madrid...


- Central location in historic part of city, VERY close to metro
- 2 large terraces overlooking the city
- 8 spacious, bright classrooms with AC
- Free internet for students
- Academic credit available

Arrival airport: MADRID
Madrid has an International airport (Barajas Airport), which is located 12km from the city, the main train station is a short taxi ride away. Many of the cheap charter flights fly into Madrid from various european cities.

Spanish language school Madrid Spain

Spanish language school Madrid Spain

Spanish language school Madrid Spain

Spanish language school Madrid Spain

Spanish language school Madrid Spain

Spanish language school Madrid Spain

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