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Spanish Language Immersion in Buenos Aires

Many people regard Buenos Aires as Latin American's cultural capital. Its flavors, smells, traditions, endless entertainment, soccer, and residents have charmed all those who have ever set foot in this enchanting city. Part of what is magical about Buenos Aires is that it contains a touch of all the world's large cities, reminding visitors of home wherever they are from.

Recoleta is a piece of Paris in Buenos Aires. Recoleta is a beautiful place to walk, where tourists will find many upscale stores, restaurants and boutiques. It is one of Buenos Aires' most visited cultural quarters. It is famous for its French style buildings, large parks, the National Museum of Fine Arts, and aristocratic bars, plus the craft fairs held every Sunday in Recoleta's "Plaza Francia".

One of the most spectacular sights in Recoleta is the "Recoleta" cemetery, one of the oldest in Argentina. There one can find the impressive tombs of national heroes, former presidents, and the world famous Eva Peron, better known as Evita.

Buenos Aires’s nightlife is one of the most active in the world. Nightlife means exactly what it says with the young and wealthy Porteños usually only embarking on their evening’s entertainment at 2200 with a meal.

After satisfying an appetite, they’ll wile away a few hours in a bar or confiteria and won’t even contemplate entering a club until 2am when partying will just be warming up. The streets are as busy in the early hours of the morning as they are during the day but the atmosphere is always relaxed and sociable. Drunkenness among the locals is almost unheard of as the Porteños only consume moderate amounts of alcohol.

Dress is smart, but the extent of the formality depends on the club and he area. Students, the young and the wealthy head for Costanera Norte and Las Cantinas in Palmero while trend-setters hone in on the streets surrounding 25 de Mayo and Reconquista as well as El Bajo. San Telmo is also a popular focal point.

Our Spanish language immersion allows you plenty of time to discover the culture & city of Buenos Aires.


SPANISH LANGUAGE IMMERSION IN BUENOS AIRES ARGENTINA ______________________________________________________________

Learn Spanish in Buenos Aires,enjoy your Spanish learning vacation in this seductive port city.

This multinational city is rich in culture with a strong European heritage, including the lifestyle, food & architecture.

Home to the Tango, which is practiced in clubs & dance halls thoughout the city, this is a beautiful energetic and city (more)


Planning for your language immersion

  :: You will make your own travel arrangements
:: Arrive independently into Buenos Aires
:: Your arrival day is Sunday.
:: Language courses start on Monday, finish Friday.
:: Your departure day is Saturday.
:: You will be studying and living with like-minded adult International students.

School details

  The school will be in Palermo neighborhood and students will be very close to the city center, to restaurants, cafes and near shopping areas. This is the largest neighborhood in Buenos Aires and there we can find many designers shops, restaurants and cafes, and we can also admire the variety architechture from this neighborhood, it parks and museums.

The school has 7 classrooms, 4 bathrooms, a spacious reception, a living room and a kitchen. There is additionally a backyard equipped with a parrilla for traditional Argentinian barbecues.

Language course details
& options

  You have the following course options:

4 lessons daily: (20 group lessons per week)

:: We accept all language levels / ages 18+
:: Unlimited course length
:: A "lesson" usually lasts approx. 50 minutes
:: Course runs Monday through Friday
:: Course materials are included
:: Placement test & orientation on first day of course
:: Maximum 8 students per group class. If 1 or 2 students per group, lessons are reudced by 50%.

Academic credit available: (if required)
Undergraduate Credit Through Brookhaven College

Lodging options

  Host Family:
:: Private room
:: Maximum distance from school is 50 minutes
:: Breakfast & dinner included
:: Change of sheets and towels once per week
:: Phone calls may be received
:: Minimum stay one week
:: Move-in Sunday, move-out Saturday
:: Shared bathroom

Shared Apartment:
:: Single room.
:: Maximum distance from school is 50 minutes
:: Towel and sheets provided
:: Change of sheets and towels once per week
:: Housekeeping three times per week.
:: Phone calls may be received
:: Minimum stay one week
:: Move-in Sunday, move-out Saturday
:: Shared bathroom and common areas
:: No meals included

Please Note: options available at an extra charge are WiFi, early and late arrival to apartments and special diets in host family



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After class & weekend activities

  Enjoy social & cultural outings during the week with other students and optional weekend excursions.

Enjoy local festivals, world-class theatre events, the famous nightlife of the city, cooking lessons Tango or Salsa classes.

At the weekend see a soccer game or leave the city and try rafting, hiking or horse back riding.

Start dates & prices

  :: Course Start dates throughout the year
:: Course ONLY option available
:: School closed on weekends & Public holidays
:: Prices are in US dollars

How to Book
& Pay

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If you prefer NOT to book & pay online, please click on the link in the above "Start dates & program prices" section, you can book manually this way by filling and submitting the form below the pricing section.

We require a deposit of $300 (or 10% if over $3000) to book any language vacation.

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- Large capital vibrant city with rich cultural identity
- Large school location (19 classrooms)
- Excellent public transportation systems
- Small class sizes
- Academic credit available

Arrival airport: Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires has a international airport and most airlines arrive here. The Ministro Pistarini (Ezeiza) International Airport of Buenos Aires is located 47 Km from the Capital.

:: Video of Buenos Aires

Moods of Argentina

spanish abroad Buenos Aires Argentina

spanish abroad Buenos Aires Argentina

spanish abroad Buenos Aires Argentina

spanish abroad Buenos Aires Argentina

spanish abroad Buenos Aires Argentina

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